Dulux Once paints? Any good?

Posted 12th Aug 2015
Just moved into our new home and looking to paint.

We will be painting over wallpaper (?!?!?!)
Wallpaper has already had a couple coats of a very light magnolia so no pattern at all on the walls.

Is Dulux once any good? Does it really do the job in one coat?

Or should I just go for a normal matt emulsion and be prepared for several coats?

The colour I am going for, they have in Dulux Once and it would work out same price as the standard emulsion.

Any thoughts, recommendations?

Many thanks!
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If only it took one coat! Never found one paint that meets up to expectations, I say be prepared for two coats!
It is unlikely that you will get a satisfactory finish with just one coat. Much better doing the job properly with a few coats of proper paint.
One coat paint is reasonably effective providing you are painting over the same colour ( white over white for example ) however be prepared to suffer with a possible chest infection or a cold - it's well known that one cost paint is extremely thicker then undercoat and gloss so they just load it with extra resin!

Not sure if this would help you but the wickes paint is really good. Not to runny but you would probably need 2 coats.
yes it works in most cases .
One coat paints like Once or Solo are full of Bentonite which is a thickener / opacity provider, so you put a lot on to create a thick film which the Bentonite prevents from running. It's know in the industry as yuppie paint and has limited success in covering in one coat. Use traditional paint and do a proper job if you want it to last for more than 12 months.
I buy all my paint from Trade Decorater Centres. The paint quality is far superior, the white does stay whiter for longer.
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