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    i bought a dulux paint pod today just wondered if anybody has used them and what do they think about it,i got it chaep so i bought 1 (£50) now with these pods you need to use there own speicial paints which are expensive(£30 A 5L TUB)i didnt know at the time of buying all i know that it was a bargain as i saw them at homebase for £70 last week.
    now just wondering if i get there special paint and after finishing the tub,give it a good rinse and then pour in a diffrent paint will it work ???as paint is paint end of the day

    any uselfull advice would be appreciated.


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    Was only £34 here … Was only £34 here

    lol not asking how much they were going for, obiousley i didnt get it at that price £34 but atleast am not paying the full rrp either
    £50 is still not bad better then paying £70

    Dont see why not, aslong as it aint tamper proof and you can get the lid off to put more paint in and then be able to get the lid back on.

    you may find that their paint is thinner than normal paint to make it easier for it to go through the feed pipes,
    this is the case with the timbercare for sprayers

    i may be wrong but i have a feeling that the pain is not in a tin but some other form that you place (rather than pour) in to the pod do-dacky. i'm sure i read that somewhere as i was going to get one till i saw the price of the paint

    Bought one ,first time i used it the paint went half way up the tube and stopped,i took it back and got a replacement.Second time i used it the paint went half way up the tube and stopped.:xTaking it back tomorrow and buying two good rollers and bog-standard paint.:x
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