Dumbbells - at least 20kg pair

Posted 26th May 2020
Hi all,

Do you know where I can buy a 20kg set of dumbbells? No bothered about the brand only the price.

Fed up with the crazy ramping up of prices!

Thanking you in advance
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Yes, i will dm you
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In Stock now?
Still none
If anyone manages to find anywhere with stock and at reasonable prices, I’d really appreciate the heads up!

Bring on the gyms reopening!

Showing as available for collection on Saturday.
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I’m getting a “Sorry, this service is broken right now. We’re working on it - please do come back later to search again.” When trying to select a store for Argos collection
Danze198427/05/2020 07:09

https://www.argos.co.uk/product/6202431Showing as available for collection …https://www.argos.co.uk/product/6202431Showing as available for collection on Saturday.

Just wanted to say thanks bud. Managed to reserve a set local to me for collection on Monday. Let hope they don’t cancel it!
None in stock....
improvise, I am using random items for weights at the moment. I am currently using a heavy duty hole digging wrecking bar, roughly weighs 20kg. Its fairly light but higher reps, break downs in exercises, hold under pressure etc. Instead of normal bicep curls I use it for 21's.... 7 high half extension, 7 low half extension, 7 full extension.
For triceps I use a bottle filled with sand to do bent over tricep extensions off the back rest of my chair.
Rest of exercises use your own body weight.

For cardio I bought some grass line paint and I do suicides in my garden. As well as boxing (I bought a boxing bag with all mount and kit for around £30).

Recently I bought a 1.2m mild steel 30mm thick bar, which I intend to mount on my wall to do chin ups. I have loads of spare heavy duty clothing rail brackets (same as what they use in clothing outlets) very heavy duty. The bar cost me £13, once mounted total cost £20 including fixtures and fittings, in comparision to buying a chin up bar online for up to £100!

Prices for weights are ridiculous and I was a big gym goer prior to lockdown. Im not willing to pay the prices of my annual gym membership to exercise at home.
Recently bought a pair with total weight of 20kg from Gumtree, dumbbells with adjustable weight.
Listed price was £70 negotiated down to £51.
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