Dump Amazon Prime Video for Amazon Prime?

Found 12th Jul 2018

Can anyone advise if I should cancel my Amazon Prime Video subscription (currently £5.99 per month) and become an Amazon Prime member for £7.99 per month?

Apparently you get the Amazon Video included with Prime. I called customer services yesterday to check if it would be the same as Amazon video but the advisor didn’t know and put me on hold to find out.
She then told me it should be the same but didn’t sound too confident!

I shop at Amazon quite a lot so the next day delivery would be a decent benefit.

Thanks in advance
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Yes I would it seems like a no brainer. For extra £2 you get so much more like music, books, next day delivery etc.
Yeah, it's always been included. I pay £39 per year for Prime Student and get both included, but I have another account on a full Prime trial and both have Prime Video.

Definitely worth paying £2 extra per month, never understood why people wouldn't as you get the added bonus of free one day delivery.
Thanks. I will start my 30 day free trial then!
ryeallen8 h, 14 m ago

Thanks. I will start my 30 day free trial then!

Obvsly the inclusive shipping only applies to items shipped by Amazon itself, and sometimes one day shipping is not available for certain items, but the additional monthly £2 fee will likely pay for itself with just one Amazon-shipped order per month.
I pay yearly £79 works out like £6.60 a month and you get all included defo worth it!
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