Dundee east delivery USELESS

    Dundee east delivery what a joke

    If I hear on the radio one more time what a great job they are doing I think I will have a meltdown.......

    Still waiting on mail from the beginning of november ,

    Ordered a wii zapped and links game 29th dec and mw2 nvg edition on 10th jan

    Quess what still not here

    Nor is the birthday decorations along with other orders placed from
    November - last week

    They are even saying they have delivered stuff When they clearly haven't


    A New system in place

    Posties are getting more stuff to take and given allocated time to do it In ( less time ) what they don't post goes back to Dundee east result a massive back log that is unreal , and it is being raised in house of commons because it really is that bad


    Original Poster Banned

    Whoever thought this system was a good idea should be sacked

    Not to mention all the reject managers from the other uk P O are helping

    And wee NEDS are doing the post to help out ( more like thieving the post )

    And some have been dumping mail in bins , dropping of upto 40 letters packages at one house even tho it's for a different street

    it feels good to rant, doesnt it?

    Original Poster Banned

    Just wait till I get Down there on Wednesday if none of it turns up, I'm Gona make them go get my mail

    Things like this didn't happen when this guy was on duty...

    Original Poster Banned

    Good news my wii zapped arrived today only took 3 weeks

    Should have been here 3-5 days after ordering

    Still awaiting my mw2 N.V.G edition to turn up 10th jan it was ordered

    Should have been here last week
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