Posted 25th Dec 2022

I got gifted 2 things for Christmas - one is a blanket which has pulls on it.

The buyer does not have the receipt and told me to "try" and return it as it is faulty.

They also bought me a huge ornament which does not fit in our house.

I have read online that we can't return unless we have a receipt.
I personally don't mind if I get a gift card in return for the items. Im not even after a full refund.
Does anyone know how true this is please?
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    Looks like they have given you their "cast- offs"
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    Very unlikely you will get anywhere without a receipt. You could try and take the blanket back and say it’s faulty and see if they can exchange it for you as for the ornament I don’t see you getting anywhere with that
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    Are the products actually in their packaging as new? Just try taking them in for an exchange and see what they say, worst they can say is no.
    Yes all in packaging. Unused.
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    You should be able to get an exchange or a gift card 
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