Posted 30th Jun 2021
We're in the market for a new bed, I'm trying to decide what to go for.

We have a dunlopillo at the moment, which whilst comfy is a little soft, probably because it's on slats and thin ply and not a duvan.

I do like the feel of it eith no springs. Before this I had a memory foam mattress, which I also found comfortable. I can’t remember if it was hot or not, (a common complaint) as it was ages ago.

I do tend to get pretty hot in bed thou! I do have a rubbish back and neck too :/

Was thinking of a dunlopillo, perhaps a firmer one, and a duvan as long as it doesn't look oldskool. I thought I'd canvass for opinions on here of what people think I'd they have Dunlopillo, memory foam, some new thing like Eve etc.

I know this is hukd but price isn't really important, my sleep is a bit crap at the moment getting the best mattress I can will be one good factor to help (amongst many others before people suggest other stuff).

Thoughts much appreciated, same goes for pillows, currently have a dunlopillo one too.
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