Duo Core laptop?

Found 18th Oct 2006
Are there any Duo Core laptop deals out there? Not worried about RAM or HD size (as will upgrade it myself) but the graphics card must have DVI output.

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What price range were you hoping for?
The cheapest Dell I can see that meets your requirements is this.

N10941a - £975 delivered or less
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T5600 (1.83 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache, 667 MHz FSB)
Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition, SP2 (Does not include Operating System Re-Installation CD)
17" Wide Screen WXGA (1440x900) TFT Display
512MB 533MHz Single Channel DDR2 SDRAM (1x512)
120GB (5,400rpm) Hard Drive
Fixed Internal 8x DVD/24x CDRW Combo Drive With Software
256MB DDR3 nVidia® GeForce™ Go 7900 graphics card VGA + DIV too
6 Cell, 56Whr Lithium Ion Primary Battery
56.6k V.92 Capable Internal Modem & Adapter
Integrated Sound Blaster® Audigy® ADVANCED HD™ Audio- Trial Version
Intel® Pro Wireless 3945 802.11a/b/g Mini PCI Wireless LAN Card for Core 2 Duo Processors

I wouold recomend the larger battery upgrade.

Buy via Quidco for cashback savings too.

Find it Here
I've mentioned the following laptop so often I deserve to be on commission!
Not to mention coming to the aid of many of their worried customers having bought one myself.

The price has gone up slightly in the last week but apparently the postage charge has been reduced. Also, there is still a painful 5 week waiting list and regardless of this THEY WILL debit your card pretty much as soon as you place the order - Which I frown upon.

It has the DVI (via 256mb ATI X1600) and Dual Core you require and I can assure you an installing an additional 512mb of RAM will give you a considerable performance boost allowing the usual suspects (Doom 3/Half-Life 2/GTR2/Company of Heroes) to typically run at high settings.


What do you intend on using the unit for out of curiousity?
Wait a couple of weeks for a Windows Vista coupon before buying :thumbsup:

£675 - eBay - can point you to the seller. I got 2 of these for friends and they recieved them as described etc.


Product Highlights


Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop

1.66 GHz Intel Duo Core

15.4 Wide Screen TFT with Truelife

1024 Mb Mhz DDR Memory

100 GB Hard Drive

Dell Internal Bluetooth

9 CELL Battery for Longer Life

XP Home Edition


56K Modem

WiFi BroadBand Card

1 Year DELL Collect and Return Warranty

New & Boxed
[SIZE=2]Mickyc1 posted on 22 09 06 in Forum for a daul core Fujitsu - similar spec to Dell - but at £499. I bought one - GR8 buy.[/SIZE]
http://www.notebooksbilliger.de/images/as5610_200.jpghttps://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/C:\Documents and Settings\Loye\My Documents\My Pictures\prod_7841_1.jpgi like the look on this one cant find it any cheaper see if you can? acer Aspire 5612WLMI
Manufacturer: Acer @/digiuk.com
MPN LX.AFY0J.019 Price: digiuk.com/library/price/poundm.gif" alt="http://digiuk.com/library/price/poundm.gif" />digiuk.com/library/price/2045h9f10m.gif" alt="http://digiuk.com/library/price/2045h9f10m.gif" />digiuk.com/library/price/21ne98710m.gif" alt="http://digiuk.com/library/price/21ne98710m.gif" />digiuk.com/library/price/24nd97812m.gif" alt="http://digiuk.com/library/price/24nd97812m.gif" />digiuk.com/library/price/dotm.gif" alt="http://digiuk.com/library/price/dotm.gif" />digiuk.com/library/price/23xxse411m.gif" alt="http://digiuk.com/library/price/23xxse411m.gif" />digiuk.com/library/price/23xxse411m.gif" alt="http://digiuk.com/library/price/23xxse411m.gif" /> including VAT at 17.5% del included
[*]Processor : Intel Core Duo Processor T2300, 1.66GHz
[*]RAM : 1024MB (2 x 512MB)
[*]HDD : 100GB
[*]Display : 15.4" WXGA Crystalbrite
[*]Graphics : Intel GMA 950
[*]Optical Drive : DVDRW Dual Layer
[*]Network : 802.11a/b/g 10/100
[*]Operating system : Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition
[*]Warranty : 1 year[/LIST]
Remember the graphics card must have DVI output.

The Dell Ins 6400 doesnt have.
new to laptops mike what do you think about the acer good or bad for that price.has this have a DVI output,and please excuse me asking what difference does it make thanks.
Ah yeah i missed that. sorry.
Thanks for the replies. Bugdet is up to £1k but around £700 would be best.

I'll read your replies and maybe ask again.


p.s. It's for a friend at work. He wants to use it to run SQL Server but also to connect to his LCD TV.
I think you'd be very pleased with anything from rockdirect.com

I heard great things but couldn't stretch my budget quite that far, though they have a range that perfectly fit your friends budget
Thanks I'll pass the URL on.
He got one from rockdirect. They were local which was a bonus

Thanks again.
you know you could connect to an LCD TV with VGA output?
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