Dusk till dawn outdoor lights

Posted 7th Oct
Any recommendations on 'dusk till dawn' outdoor lights? Can't see much online aside from chinese items on Amazon.
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I use hue bulbs in normal light fittings and then an IFTTT rule to follow the sun schedule.

It’s great come Christmas and Halloween as I can also use various colour changing animations to give the house some vibrancy.
I've got the 🎦 .
gsj8707/10/2019 14:53

The what?

From Dusk Till Dawn .
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I have a set by Integral purchased from Amazon and are fine
Like @Oneday77 said
A zigbee hub (like Hue or Echo Plus) with Zigbee bulbs in regular fixtures and use IFTTT to time with Sunset/Sunrise

I have GU10 out front in a canopy and a E14 in a Philips fixture on the side of the house. I'm using the cheap bulbs from IKEA for these.
Just buy a dusk to dawn bulb 👌🏻
Are you looking for security lights which are motion detected after dark or lights that come on during the night and stay on unti morning?

If former then any DIY shops will.sell these and all of them will switch on after dark.

If latter than you could buy a dusk to dawn detector unit which then controls your lights . This can be used with any lights.

Something like this amazon.co.uk/Pho…4N4
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AW007907/10/2019 14:56

From Dusk Till Dawn .

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