dust on plasma

    anyone know how to stop dust collecting on a plasma tv, you clean it off then after about an hour its all back again, the static draws it to the platic surround, any ideas on how to elliminate this, thanks



    Eek not really... my parents have a special spray they use and theirs doesn't seem to get too dusty, maybe try something like that?

    rub it with a wet microfibre cloth, then again with a dry microfibre cloth.

    The static will wear off over time.


    Hit it 'gently' with a hammer:whistling:

    You should keep the plastic wrapper around your TV - I do the same with my car, and it works wonders - rarely need to go through the carwash..............

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    cheers for all the help guys

    Dont know about Plasmas but our LCD was terrible for attracting dust. I diluted some fabric conditioner with water and squeezed out the cloth really well......certainly helps with the static and build up for a longer period of time than just dry dusting.


    Hit it 'gently' with a hammer:whistling:

    Best advice by far:thumbsup:
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