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Found 10th Jan 2011
im not having the best of luck translating this email using online translators, i am pretty sure it says they will try and contact me within 72hrs but i have had one of these emails from bol.com before and not yet recieved a reply, they suck and i want a refund

passage to follow

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Geachte heer/mevrouw,

Hartelijk dank voor uw bericht aan bol.com Klantenservice. Wij nemen uw vraag direct in behandeling. U ontvangt van ons binnen 72 uur een reactie.

Op onze website bol.com/kla…ice vindt u de antwoorden op veelgestelde vragen en **** u vragen stellen aan onze virtuele assistent.

Dit is een automatisch gegenereerde e-mail, waarop u niet **** reageren.

Met vriendelijke groeten,
bol.com Klantenservice

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K u n t

is the blanked out word

Dear Sir / Madam,

Thank you for writing to Customer bol.com. We take your question directly in treatment. You will receive a response within 72 hours.

Our website bol.com/kla…ice are answers to frequently asked questions you can ask questions on our virtual assistant.

This is an automatically generated email, which you can not respond.

Customer bol.com
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Original Poster

you website translate that? cause its a lot more coherrent than some i have tried before?

if you wouldnt mind could you help me with another email please, many thanks


Dear lord/Ms, Thank you very much reported for your to bol.com Klantenservice. We handle your question directly. YOU receive a response from us within 72 hours. On our Internet site bol.com/kla…ice you find the answers on much-put questions and can you ask couples to our virtual assistant. This is an automatically generated e-mail, on which you cannot react. With pleasant groeten, bol.com Klantenservice

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Geachte mevrouw Prosho,
Hierbij laten we u weten dat we onderstaand(e) artikel(en) uit uw bestelling met nummer 7853418750 helaas nog niet kunnen leveren.
Titel: Nikolai Dante - Robbie Morrison Paperback
Aantal: 1
Wij hebben geen nieuwe leverdatum van de leverancier ontvangen, het blijkt een moeilijk leverbaar artikel te zijn. Onze welgemeende excuses hiervoor.

Als de vertraging van uw bestelling onverhoopt oploopt tot drie maanden na de besteldatum, annuleren we uw bestelling automatisch. Als u wilt, **** u de bestelling ook zelf annuleren in uw Bestelstatus op onze site. Na annulering vervalt uw betalingsverplichting. Als u de bestelling voor annulering al heeft betaald, dan storten wij het betaalde bedrag binnen een week terug op uw rekening.
Met vriendelijke groet,

Original Poster

i like the way im a miss prosho all the time lol


Dear Ms Prosho, We let know you that we can 7853418750 unfortunately not yet provide (e) Article mentioned below (and) from your order with number. Title: Nikolai Dante - Robbie Morrison paperback Number: 1 We have received no new liver date of the supplier, it deliverable with difficulty Article proves be. Our heartfelt excuses for this. If the delay of your order runs unexpected up to three months after the establishment date, we let us cancel your order automatically. If you want, **** you cancel the order also himself in your establishment status on our site. After annulment your payment obligation expires. If you have paid the order for annulment already, then we deposit the paid amount within a week into your account. Kind regards

Original Poster

ahh jeez looks like i have to try navigate the website to cancel my order and reieve a refund that will take up to a week, bloody useless, im so annoyed they said they had stock originally

thanks dunfy and and cannyscot, id have given u the old respect but it doesnt exist anymore

Google translate says;

Prosho Dear Madam,
We wish to know that we are following (e) Item (s) from your order number 7853418750 unfortunately can not deliver.
Title: Nikolai Dante - Robbie Morrison Paperback
Quantity: 1
We have no new delivery date received from the supplier, it was a difficult article to be available. Our sincere apologies.

If the delay of your order unexpectedly rises to three months after the order date, we will cancel your order automatically. If you want your order **** yourself cancel your Order Status on our site. After your payment cancellation expires. If your order has already paid for cancellation, we deposit the amount paid within one week back to your account.
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