Duty Free - I am confused

    I am off on holiday in a few days time and plan to buy some perfume and cigarettes from the duty free on the way out.

    However, thanks for mixed advice, I am rather confused.

    Obviously, you reach duty free once you have checked yourself and your bags in so you only have your hand luggage with you.

    When you buy items from duty free, you obviously need to carry them on the plane, does this mean they need to fit inside your hand luggage and be under the 7kg weight limit? Or do you just carry the items on, if so, doesn't that break the one piece of hand luggage rule.

    - confused -


    depends who you fly with , ryanair want you to put then into your bag .
    where you flying to????

    What you can carry and how much does vary depending on the country you travel to/from and the airline you're travelling with.
    I know some carriers (Ryanair) won't let you have separate duty free, but to get round that the duty free shops at some airports let you buy your duty free and pick it up on your return..

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    I am flying with Thomson and going outside of EU.
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    Contact who you flying with.

    Contact customs & excise.

    I know nothing about duty free.

    av been to egypt twice , you will be fine , we bought 4 litres of vodka and a few other things, and when you come back it worth buying cigs in there airport, your only allowed 400 to bring back home but they will sell you more in the airport and custons hardly ever check when flying in from egypt


    Contact who you flying with.Contact customs & excise.I know nothing about … Contact who you flying with.Contact customs & excise.I know nothing about duty free.


    Best advice I think; last time I travelled with Thomson duty free didn't count as hand-luggage but things change so best to check directly.
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