DV Editor - PC Help please!

    Trying to download film from our camcorder but the programme is saying Requires minimum of 512MB physical memory to run. Your system only has 255MB.

    How do I sort this out? My hard drive has about 40GB's.

    Obviously I'm not very up on things to do with PC so any guidance would be appreciated.


    its talking about the amount of ram?

    u only have 256mb and need minimum 512mb

    get another cheap stick

    Muffin is right - you will need to buy and install additional memory for your computer. Its not as scary as it sounds......

    First have a look at the original specification of your computer (or motherboard). It should say what slots are available for additional memory and what kind of memory chip you need. There are different types, with different speeds and different numbers of pins. Then buy some memory from somewhere like ebuyer [url][/url]. Shouldn't cost very much....

    Once you have the memory chip - its usually a simple job of undoing the cover and pressing the chip into the slot....

    When switched back on computer should automatically detect additional memory.

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    Brilliant thanks. I'd better get looking at the manuals!

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    Okay, I'm sat here with the manual and it says:

    Architecture:DDR SDRAM
    Memory Connectors: Two
    Memory Capacities: 128-,256-, and 512-MB non-ECC DDR
    Memory Type: DDR (non-ECC)

    Now what exactly am I looking for please?

    Go to and use their Memory Advisor tool. It'll tell you exactly what you should buy and if memory won't work then you'll get your money back.

    Besides, do you realise that 1 hour of DV video is roughly 13GB? Given that your hard drive is only 40GB this could be a problem.

    Fruity, to be on the safe side go ][COLOR="Red"]here[/COLOR] and run a system scan.

    This will tell you what you definitely have and recommend what you can ugrade to/with.

    Come back and post the results and we will help you out.

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    Ugh, this is going from bad to worse! Okay, thanks for the info, will tackle it tonight when I'm at home!

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    1GB CT558669 DDR PC3200 • CL=3 • UNBUFFERED • NON-ECC • DDR400 • 2.6V • 128Meg x 64


    CT558671 DDR PC3200 • CL=3 • UNBUFFERED • NON-ECC • DDR400 • 2.6V • 64Meg x 64

    Is this right?

    Is this what Crucial system scanner (…er/) told you to buy?

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    It was the US site I went into originally - should I just buy direct from Crucial?

    Buy from Crucial UK site - they are one of the best memory manufacturers and they offer free delivery and lifetime warranty. I once returned to them memory, which was 5 years old and they replaced it, no questions asked.
    There is either 7% Quidco cashback or 5% discount voucher available.

    if your on a budget the ebuyer with google checkout would serve u well!

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    Excellent, thanks for all the advice.
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