DVB USB/PCI Digital TV Tuner for PC

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Found 18th Jun 2008
Hi All,

I'd like a USB or PCI card that can take DVB freeview feeds from a standard aerial connection in, as well as analogue, for me to then save digitally on my HDD.

I'm new to this and haven't a clue what to get... people have recommended Nebula hardware to me but Nebula Electronics only seem to ship s/w now, and I'm still in need of a capable card. Likewise I've heard that digital cards cost ~£100 whereas bog standard analogue ones are ~£20.

Any advice / suggestions most appreciated!


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i have a hauppage win novaT 500 pci card - twin tuner (anlogue or digital i think but i only use digital) - its in a vista media center pc and i have to say it has been flawless - couldn't recommend enough...its also a bponus that the twin tuners only require one feed so no need to mess about splitting your aerial connections (with the potential loss of signal that entails)

shout if you have any q's
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