DVD backup software free

    I am lookin to back up some dvd's , and burn them to disc

    anyone know some free software

    recommend what and where


    Have a look at ] Great site with loads of guides and links to free software

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    got any personal recmmendations/

    dvdshrink works a treat.

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    dvdshrink works a treat.

    but is nero required aswel?

    Don't know if it supports dvd copying, but :


    Has always satisfied my burning needs on MS Windows (K3B is pretty good for Linux). Opensource + free too.

    the best ive found, simple and works great no matter what the encription is x copy express by 321studios you shoud be able to download from a torrent site. all you need to do is place original and read then place bank disk to write. unable to see any differenct in quality to original.
    Hope this is of help.

    personally i use ]dvd shrink to rip the film to HDD.
    i then use the powerful ]imgburn to 'burn' the movie.
    both are freeware and work great for me.

    good luck.

    RipIt4Me is pretty decent, so I hear.


    got any personal recmmendations/

    Agree with gd_miester.. DVD Shrink does the job well


    dvdshrink/dvd decrypter/nero combo does it all in one.

    As recommended before, DVD Shrink.
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