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    I use DVD shrink for backing up my DVD collection but some of the newer DVDs will not allow me too with DVD shrink... does anybody know of alternative software? :thumbsup:


    why not use nero it does everything if you click on the link under my name you can get it for free all you have to do is register and it is free to do that as well.It is the best site i hve seen for free software.

    Just click on this link ]http//ww…om/ and search for nero.

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    Hi abacus... I have Nero 6 already but it will not allow me to copy protected copyght DVDs?

    Yes DVD shrink is excellent but probably needs a update as I expect the DVD copy protection has been upgraded....cannot think of anything else but I'm sure there is software out there's a case of having it verified that it actually works.

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    cheers currychops... there must be something out there... but where?

    Try using "DVD for free" with the Patin-Couffin stuff installed first. It defeats any encryption, and allows DVD Shrink to rip any DVD.

    Then Nero 6 onwards should finish the deal.

    I use DVD Cloner.

    I "acquired" it off the net.......cough torrent cough

    freeware here m8, sorts them troublesome new dvds with 1 click mode


    Thanks staffiebull ..very useful.

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    cheers staffiebull

    DVDdecrypter *cough* torrent *cough*

    i have tried several and the one i go back to all the time is alcohol120 and dvd clone, together you can mount most things and burn no problems the only format i know it has problems with is avi files, then i would convert using winavi but all in all that is all you need, personally would not use any others and the win programs are great, also slysoft dvd clone is lot faster etc then going through nero.

    DVD cloner here, normally handles everything I throw at it.


    DVD cloner here, normally handles everything I throw at it.

    as i said too its great but working the two together can take a bit of time to work out, but just a bit of savy and a little time and you are their.

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    thanx... have downoaded from Slysoft but it is only a trial for 21 days? Anyone know how to get it free

    DVDFab platinum is the best I've found. Removes all protections and is just a click and go operation.

    i one had the problem with copy protection once, used dvd decrypter first then used dvd shrink with the files from the hdd.

    then found the disc was just dirty all along and i had wasted my time and proceeded to hit my head against the desk , again and again and again..................
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