DVD Camcoeder £200ish??

    Im going out today to try and get one of these so i have one for my daughters 1st birthday tomorrow.

    Any advice welcome but i need it to be from a store not the net.(My fault for leaving it to the day b4 i know:roll: )


    If you have a Jessops Outlet (Clearence) store near you, they are selling loads of DVD camcorders in your budget range

    The Sony DVD Camcorder below is less than £200 on Amazon ... you may be able to print this page off and ask a store to price match:-…1-1

    It is £250 on the Jessops website.

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    Im nowhere near one unfortunatly.

    Oh well, a long day looking around the stores ahead.

    Cheers anyway

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    Nice one, any idea where my best chance of getting price match??
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