DVD camcorder deal

    Hi dudes,

    I'm in the market for a dvd camcorder thingy.

    I want something easy to use, that can record straight onto a dvd disc which I then shove in a dvd player, although I am open to other alternatives. Not to sure about the mini-dv ones though. If there's anyone kind enoughh to explain the differences in simple terms that would be super.

    I don't mind online/instore, i've got quidco, but would like it in the next week or so.

    I'm logging off shortly so I'm not ignoring any answers - I will look at them later this afternoon & respond/rep accordingly.




    hi, I have a samsung dvd camcorder which i would like to sell. Let me know if you are interested and i will give you further details. thanks

    I'm no expert but here goes

    you have really 4choices

    the dvd ones are ok but the disks have to be finalised before you can use them in your dvd player if you forget to do this and load another disk then its tuff you cannot ever watch the disk.For this reason i would not buy one

    2nd hard disk drive this is good the only problem is if the hard drive gets corrupt then you would loose any info on there so if you get one of these just make sure you back it up on to an external hard drive and all should be ok

    3rd sd cards these are fine but the cards can be expensive but getting cheaper all the time amazon sell 4g sdhc for about £7.50 delivered

    4th mini dv tapes these are ok picture quality slightly less quality but not really noiticable

    the thing to remember is there is now hd versions which will be the best quality but more expensive.
    If you are only using on holidays etc (ie not much use)i would recommed mini tapes or hard disk ones , both are easy to use and pretty fool proof (must be the mother-in-law managed with the tape one )
    the tape ones are the cheapest option if you want my advise on which to buy then pm me as there is some rubbish out there

    Hope this helps Mark
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