Found 9th Sep 2006
I've got a small list of DVDs that I want to buy and as people are so good at finding the lowest prices (lower than I ever manage to find), I thought I'd post the list, my lowest price so far and see if you can beat any of them!

Our Friends in the North - £39.95
Doctor Who (new series with Christopher Ecclestone) Box Set - £50.99
Doctor Who (new series with David thingy) Box Set - £44.99 Amazon
Twin Peaks (season 1, including pilot) - £25.99

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[SIZE=2]Very helpful Emma :thumbsup: :thumbsup: [/SIZE]

Original Poster

Thanks Emma! I've been looking around for a while on these....I think I'm going to wait on the Doctorr Whos until a really special offer comes out but the others are the cheapest I've seen!

I'd give you rep, but I've got to spread a little before I can!

Don't forget with Twin Peaks you get 5% Cash back from Quidco if you use their link.
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