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Found 11th Aug
My dvd collection spans 20 years and is taking up a considerable amount of space. So I'm thinking of giving several hundred to local charities to make space to make space for my more recent purchases. I have sorted my favourite titles but wondering if any of the older ones which are now out of circulation were worth any real money. Is there any specialist sites etc which list hard to find DVDs before I give them away?
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Keep any special edition you have. You can buy the big cd binders and dump the case's
Never give away your dvds,just like your records.
As far as I know the only thing that you can do is scan each one on the music magpie app, takes time especially if you're serious about it being hundreds so I recommend doing them in batches. Good luck.
They will probably be worth pennies, though you might have one that’s worth something but I bet that’s still just pennies rather than pounds. Have a check on the likes music magpie and see how little they go for, when they used to have shops you might still do you could pick them up for as little as a quid.
Worth more in years
have a scroll through the sold DVDs on eBay and see if you own any of the ones that have sold for a decent amount.

It's mainly collectors editions, Disney, anything with nice packaging, or the TV show The Bill...
Just give them to charity shops or take them to CEX. DVDs aren’t (or are very rarely) worth anything, and they aren’t going to appreciate in value.
They're mass produced. Special editions, limited edition or cult classic movies will be worth something, but regular DVD's will be worth pennies.
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