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    Im looking for software that I can use to design my own dvd covers, I know there are loads of programs available that claim thats what they do but so far all the ones I have downloaded are just for printing covers or CD/label design.
    I want to design some covers for home movies to make them look a bit special after spending ages editing them, anybody know of any decent software? It dosnt need to be free as I dont mind paying if its good software.


    Have a go with some of the trial and freeware software here:…tml

    In particular I would try Easy Media Cover and AudioLabel…tml…tml

    If neither of these float your boat then really you need to be looking an using a proper graphics package such as Paintshop Pro and then using an Image sizer such as the excellent (and free) CoverXP to make your designs.

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    Thanks, I did try the Easy Media Cover, but its very similar to the ones you use to print covers that are already made. Just add 1 picture that gets stretched right across the front and back, I thought there might be a more advanced cover designer available with all the digital camcorders out there.

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    I made my own templates in Photoshop to do mine but there's also a program called Surething which works really well and lets you do some interesting designs.

    Link ]here.

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    I have also used one which came with Nero and one from Press-it, both were also pretty basic, but did a job. All of them seem to be a mix of getting the size right, adding your pics then adding some basic shapes and / or text. For actual design it is a graphics package you need.
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