DVD DAB Car Head Unit

    I'm trying to find a good deal on a car stereo that has DAB and will let me play music from DVD. I've searched alot of sites but can't even find anything that will do the job for me at a decent price. I'm not overly keen on playing movies and I don't want a huge screen but a small colour LCD would be nice for displaying track info.

    If anyone knows of any deals or models that would suit me then it'd be greatly appreciated!


    i think they are still fairly rare (I am looking out for one too!) -- there was a deal for a very cheap DVD unit in the last few days (from Pixmania i think) but it didnt have DAB. it did have usb too. i wonder if you could plug in a portable dab radio in to the AUX line-in ?

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    I was told DAB doesn't work well and that alot of companies are withdrawing DAB units from UK market. Not sure how true this is. If this is the case then analogue will have to do
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