DVD drive help

    I'm trying to burn some data on to a dvd (the data is for use with dvd)

    however, I've just installed a Lite on Dvd DL rw set it to slave and my original Dvdrw to master, the master is first on the cable and slave is second...

    firstly my computer has decided I have 3 drives

    DVD-RAM Drive E:
    DVD Drive F
    CD Drive G

    nero won't let me burn to disc always wants to save to HDD, also another driver has appeared which shouldn't exist (cd drive G )...

    also today I have replaced my ram and insterted 2 1gb ram cards in slot 1 + 2 of a 4 slot board...

    Pulling my hair out :giggle:

    any help and solution will be repped thanks


    I suspect the problem is down to Nero.

    Nero has two components included in it that can cause what you seem to be describing there. The first is something called Virtual Drive, or words to that effect. It acts as a virtual drive to which you can 'mount' (geek-talk for "put") disc images, letting you use CD and DVD images as virtual discs.

    The second component makes the Virtual Drive feature useful. It's called Image Writer (or something like that - I haven't got Nero installed, as you can probably tell), and it enables you to make disc images that you can use with your virtual CD drive. To use it, there's an option somewhere in one of the menus that lets you select which drive to burn to, for which you've got to select the image writer. Since the problem you've got now is that Nero always wants to use the image writer when you want to make a CD, the fix for you is to find the menu, and set your real DVDRW drive as the default drive for writing.

    Apologies if this doesn't make a great deal of sense, but poke around Nero, and you'll figure it out.

    Original Poster

    I know a fair bit about mounting and virtual drives,

    what I've done is uninstall nero and deamon tools which has left me with the DVD RAM drive and DVD RW drive... downloaded alcohol 120% and used that to burn it...

    seemed ok

    not sure if the device names are correct tho, but i'll leave it for now
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