DVD Format

    Quick question, what format are normal DVD's i.e. MP4, wmv,mov etc. - Thank you
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    Alot of that depends on your dvd player. You should have a spec sheet
    for your stand alone dvd player"the one connected to tv". It should
    specify what type of formats it will play. Mine will play svcds which are
    normal cdrs, as well as dvds, my player will play mpeg, vcd,svcd, but not
    avi. You may try burning a svcd, the quality is very good. See if that
    will work, all you have to lose is a regular cdr disk

    if you mean say you buy a DVD of a film, the file format on that DVD would be .vob
    nowadays more dvd players can play different formats, avi mp4 etc. But orginally you would have to convert the files to .vob (dvd format) to play.
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