DVD Formats? -R +R

    Just started copying, sorry backing up, DVDs I have. I have found that the copies made on DVD+R disks will work in my Goodmans and JVC DVD players. But DVD-R's only worked in my JVC player.

    Can someone confirm that -R's will never work in my Goodmans player? Or is there something elseI could try to make them work?

    I assume from now on I can buy +R's and have no problems as there is no difference in quality etc anyway?

    Final question - what make type of disks would people recommend for backing up existing DVD's?

    - acecatcher3


    What make of disc are you using?

    It sounds like your Goodmans doesn't like -R's. Is it a newish player? Most new players should play both.

    What software do you use to backup?

    I use DVD-R virtually all the time. They work in all players I've tried them in, I've never tried a Goodmans though. The brands I've used are DataWrite DVD-R Classic Grey 8x - Datasafe DVD-R 8x - BulqPaq DVD-R 4x - Philips DVD+RW.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your reply Rayman.

    Strange, I tried a couple of -R DVD's in the Goodmans and they didn't seem to work. However I thought I would have another go and waited a bit longer this time and they did play. Therefore it can play both. Don't know what the problem was the first time. It is a new DVD player as well.

    The disks I used were good ones, as they were the ones from this sites incentive
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