DVD Import Tax?


    I want to buy a DVD from the USA. It's $29.99 (not including shipping).

    Seeing as I will be paying over £18 I will have to pay tax on it. Does anybody know how much the tax will be though? Is it a standard charge or a percentage of the cost?

    Also, seeing that I will be paying in USD (on my debit card), will my bank charge me for paying in a different currency (a charge on top of the transaction)?

    Thank you for any help you can provide


    Your bank shouldn't charge you, but give them a call to make sure. I've bought quite a few DVD's from USA and Canada, so far without having to pay any extra costs or import taxes.

    Are you sure the DVD isn't available from a UK supplier? Such as or


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    It's available on both sites

    Are these two companies based in the UK then?

    Loaded247 is in Kent but source from Jersey. Play are in Jersey

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    Does that mean that the tax has already been paid if I order from these sites?

    So I can make an order worth +£18, and it will be sent within the UK, so I won't be charged tax on arrival?

    You shouldn't be charged from either, but there's no guarantee on it. Buy through QuidCo if using Loaded247 as you can earn cashback.

    I bought a box set from Loaded247 with 8 discs and no import duties. I think you'll be okay with just one disc anyway.
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