dvd on play with nestle

    hi all i brought some boxes of cluters and they have a offer for cheap dvds.
    but when i got to the site it dont come up.??
    is anyone ese haveing the same troble ??
    or am i doing something wrong??
    can someone help. thanks



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    thanks all i did put what it said on th box but it dint work i dont know why lol

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    also on another mater you know under our pictures we have a pilot light how can i get mine higher??

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    just looked at th DVDs on offer they are not cheap they are meant to be from £1 or £1.25 with p+p why are they so high??

    p + p free from They are all £1 (the ones on offer) so dvd for a quid good deal

    pilot light changes according to rep/number of deals posted etc


    you purchase as normal, and then put code from inside the box and it reduces it to £1, also dont forget a cashback site, get it even cheaper then

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    OK i thought they where £4.99 lol as far as posting deals i have posted a few but they dint get high ratings : (
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