DVD on xbox help

    I have a 360 and a .AVI video. I copy and pasted it onto the DVD and put it in my xbox but it says mixed media.

    Does the xbox 360 accept .AVI format?


    Not sure, but it would be easier to set it up to stream to it, no need to burn!!

    you can only play avi's on the 360 via the media centre or a usb stick

    Just copy it to a USB drive and play it from there? or as the other reply stated, you can stream it...

    or Once you've popped the disk in, or plug the USB Device in.

    Next step is to go to the Media blade and select Videos.

    To find the avi files, you'll need to press X and change the storage device to either the portable device (flash drive) or CD. It will then show the AVI files.

    Before you can play the files, you'll need to download the codecs update so you'll need to be connected to live. It's the same small patch for the ipods to play, so if you've got that you're all ready to go.

    Just press play and watch your video(s)


    You can play from dvd. You need to go to videos, then press x, then select from disc.

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    Cheers, i ended up putting it on a stick and then downloading the update
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