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Found 5th Dec 2007
Hope someone can advise me on a DVD Player to Purchase.

HDMI Upscaling atleast 1080i
Divx,Xvids etc... Basically play everything I throw at it
Supports Long File Names
FAST fast forward. (My Tevion only did 16x while my old Lidl Targa did an efficient 100x)
Near Silent Operation as Possible

TBH an XBOX with XBMC Upscaling Fits the above bill but heres the clincher. I also want one that will support USB 2.0 External Harddrive thats formatted as NTFS.

Any Ideas?

Thanks In Advance

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Do you want the USB port powered, i.e. power the HDD from it rather than have a seperate power supply?
Not necessarily. The HDD I have has its own peOwer supply although an option may be good incase I fill the 500gb in the future and end of purchasing A usb powered one. Either will do m8
Looking on AVforums the Pioneer looks the nearest to your specifcations, it doesn't meet all of them though.


It does accept HDD through USB
hmm not really going for it, bit ugly. I'll keep looking thanks for the input
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