DVD Player - But which one??

    I am looking to buy a new dvd player but have quite a list of requirements that i'm struggling to fill.

    Here goes:

    Scart input (usually come as standered on dvd recorders)
    DivX playback
    Component out (to connect to hdtv)
    5.1 audio out

    Optional bonus: Hard Drive

    Another option for me to go with is to get a Twin tuner PVR but this would need to have a scart input?

    Anyone able to help with any of this?

    I have found the following on amazon which fits everything superbly but was looking to pay a little less....…ics

    Any better prices on this or other products that are similar


    Original Poster

    Have managed to find this one:…735

    But it doesn't have the hard drive which would be a great extra. Anyone out there that knows anything better?

    There is a Philips one in Argos for £50-£60 which, looking at reviews in the past, is the best available and plays any sort of downloaded films, and DVDR's too. Model was the 550/05 or something similar.

    found one for £49.99+p&p from eBuyer. ]http//ww…140
    with 5.1 divx etc.
    bargain though i must say it does not look the most attractive.

    and also i am looking for one of these. can anyone tell me if divx compatible also means that it can play xvid files?


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    Thanks for the link but those players don't have scart input just output. I need the input to feed my digibox through

    Any else?
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