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    Basically I'm after a DVD player which will play Divx files (and as many other formats as possible) from all the various types of disk ( +s & -s, CDs DVDs r/rw's etc etc) for as little money as possible!!

    I've no concern over the branding or anything; the cheaper the better!

    Thanks, much appreciated!:thumbsup:



    I have no experience of this myself, though it also has a USB port which is cool. Cheap as chips.

    I have a silvercrest one from Lidl that cost like £30 (also with USB port).

    £10.53 delivery!

    same item is available on ] with I believe £7 delivery.

    But if you use it in conjunction with this:


    you can save that £7

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the reply.:thumbsup:

    Anyone else got any ideas?? Looking to spend upto £25 inc delivery - it's only for my bedroom and so i can play divx as current dvd wont play them!:-(

    Thanks again!:thumbsup:
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