Found 17th May 2009
Can someone pls help.

I bought a dvd player that plays divx..ect. But im getting problems playin avi, I have 2 avi dvds here 1 plays Ok but says the audio codec is not supported. The other avi dvd doesnt play at all saying the video codec is not supported? How can i resolve this? Why doesnt anyone list if a dvd player plays avi or not?

Im having a absulute nightmare finding a dvd player that plays everything.

Need some help before my 5th dvd player in the space of 3 months is another non avi player.


Problem is, AVI isn't a format but a container. Supporting AVI is only the first step. The important bit is being able to support the methods with which the video and audio streams are encoded, and you're simply never going to get total support frm any player for that, especially since codecs are constantly being updated and new branches are being invented, and that's no problem for the pirates for whom updated codec packs are released every few months anyway, but it means that you're scuppered.

Your best options are to either:

a) Update the firmware of your player, and hope for the best
b) Ditch the player, buy a cheap second-hand PC (or preferably a laptop) and hook that up to the TV. Need never worry about codec support ever again that way.

Problem Is You Have Screwed Up The Whole Sites Look By Typing The Letter P To Many Times Please Ajust Your Title:)

Use Nero To Convert It To Nero Digital Then It Will Work
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