dvd player only plays background music

    our bush dvd player we got from the currys deal only plays background music.
    is this anything to do with the region and does it mean it's locked now?

    looked on settings and cant find anyway of changing soundtrack
    any help thanks


    Kick it?

    Original Poster

    think thats a last resort

    well ebay will be

    Sounds like you have no centre channel

    maybe the player is set to output 5.1 sound but being fed into a stereo system
    There may be a setting on the dvd player menus to change things like this if you're not using a digital audio connection to your amp I know there is on mine.

    Realise you said you've looked at the settings but thats all i could think of apart from it being something wrong at the amp end

    Good luck

    Mine was the same ........ it took a while fiddling with the settings but its working fine now ..... did not help that the first DVD Ii watched was apocolypso and was so intent on the sub titles I was a good bit into the film before the penny dropped! :-D

    its the scartlead i think try a different one.

    Yeh you need to shove teh scart lead around - my dvd players caput have had since 2000 and the scart like falls out slightly and all i get it sound

    Try buying a new scart lead
    Wernt the ones from that currys thingy refurbs?

    look for a setting in the audio menu for outputting or downsampling to PCM audio (Stereo), as Steve 2007 says, it sounds like it's probably set to output in 5.1, but you don't have a 5.1 set-up.
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