DVD player problem


    Just bought this dvd player:…ics

    Ordered yesterday and it arrived this morning. As it says that it can play cd-r discs, I just burnt an episode of 24 onto a CD-R disc, popped into the player and it says 'Unknown disc.'

    Tried an actual DVD and that worked. Tried another cd-r but still saying 'Unknown Disc.' I have finalized the burning for each disc but still not working.

    Anyone know whats wrong?


    Have you tried a burned DVD-R disc in your DVD player?

    is the VCD burnt properly? does it work on some other players or anything?

    Does sound like the CD-R's aren't being written to properly. Are the CD-R's showing as finalized when writing has finished?

    Does the CDR play on your PC?

    I thought dvd-rw disk would be best to burn onto I thought Cd-r's were really for music due to the space on them.

    Original Poster

    The thing I was doing wrong is that I was just normally burning the avi's to the CD.

    I then found out that I had to make it a VCD or SVCD compilation via Nero. So I did that and it worked.

    But looking for a DivX player now instead...the process of making it into a VCD or SCVD takes ages and the quality of the episode is quite poor.

    Anyone know of any decent priced DivX players? Looking at this one atm:…htm
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