DVD Player with progressive scan


    Just looking for a cheap DVD player. The one Kevann found at Xmas in the "deal hunt" is out of stock. Looking for multi region progressive scan for about £20 - £25 delivered, not having much luck in my search.
    Any help appreciated.


    Asda Pacific is multi region & around £30

    Spudgun, if your still looking my mate has just bought this one from ebuyer and says its brilliant. Less than 20 quid and has progressive scan, scart and component outputs etc..…107

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    The ebuyer one seems to get good reviews, may go for this if nobody can change my mind.

    My mate said he had a little problem at first, it was like it was too new. But after it read a couple of DVD's it was perfect. He views it through a Sony 42" LCD and says the picture is perfect. It is multi region as well.
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