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Found 16th Jul 2008

I've got DVD with USB. I have Philips which is fine except the inability to see more than about first 3 characters of a file name. So I have to create 24 individual folders of Lost for example called 1, 2, 3 etc.

It's a pain, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this issue. Is it just the Philips or is it commonplace.

Also would there be an issue plugging a 250gb non powered passport into a DVD player.

I need unit to play Divx/avi etc.

Thanks in advance
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I have a Sony, so cant comment on your phillips, but I think you'll find its because of the space between the letters, dvd software cannot cope with windows filenaming so it just displays all digits up to the first space like DOS does. It may put an underspace bar in place of the space like "_"

I think you will also find that the player can only cope with a limited file space so a 250gb drive might not show, but you wont break anything from giving it a try.

Are you looking to replace your DVD player then, if so how much do you want to spend. I would highly recommend the sony's, superb player, just make sure its a multi regional sony player, else all your oversea DVD's will become redundant.
250gb I sort of agree with you without actually knowing. I was gona buy 250gb drive for the purpose of putting avi's on and using at 2 different addresses, so it is kinda important.

File naming is not the problem on my unit as they are named Lost_S01_EP05_White_Rabbit.avi etc
I think you'll find something like an 80gb or a 120gb MP4 player more suitabl for your needs, these can be outputted to any TV really easily.

I've got Create Zen vision 30gb with plenty of space on it. I believe I need to buy a lead, but thats all.

I'll look into it.
Try Maplins for advice on that, they usually know what they are talking about. Buy the leads new from ebay
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