DVD player with USB

    DVD player has finally given up the ghost.

    It is only really used for the little ones to watch their films on.

    Can anyone recommend one around the £50 mark which has a USB input.



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    For the price, does virtually anything including USB sticks, MKV and can handle FAT32 formatted sticks as well.

    Can't go far wrong with this.

    I got an ONN model from Asda for around £25. i say around as one week they were 20 and next 24 quid.

    Has USB on front and is just what I needed for the money. Quite long and slim and black if that helps.

    Maplins were doing a range before xmas reduced to £39.99. It is a DVD player with a USB port and an SD card slot with Freeview chucked in . I bought one and it has been fine , dont use the Freeview part but picture quality seems good playing back divx's on cards or pendrives .The make is Nikkai , probably not a well know make but I've bought Nikkai electricals before and there still working.

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    Thanks for the replies. I shall go have a peek at all suggested
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