DVD player with USB input and HDMI.

Found 8th Jul
I need a dvd player with a HDMI output and it needs to be able to play everything from a usb stick. I did order one earlier from Amazon but it seems the USB port doesnt play everything like a PC would. Can anyone help as I need the usb thing most and if I could get it from Amazon that would be great.
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How much are you willing to spend?
Do you have a games console?
I doubt any dvd player would play all the latest codecs and if it did, then it would most likely be obsolete within 6 months as they change frequently. Better off with an android TV box (£25) and a separate dvd player. People still buy dvds?
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Take a usb drive to currys then buy it from amazon
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What chocci says, as you can't update the codecs on a player you've no chance of keeping it up to date.

If you want that, then get a mini PC instead. Then you can attach an external DVD/Blu Ray drive and it'll play anything from that or the built in usb ports...
Get a small pc as Steve said I have an Intel nuc can attach any DVD player or Blu-ray as well as use Plex etc to stream to any room.

Can get any small pc the nucs can be pricey there is much cheaper out there nowadays
I use a £25 android box running Libreelec / coreelec with an external USB blu-ray drive, works great and does my dvds and blu-rays, got another box with a £15 USB dvd drive and that works great as well, you're unlikely to find a standalone to do it.
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