DVD player with USB stick and MP4 support?

Found 9th Oct 2012
My mum has a DVD player (her partner and kids use the DVD side of it) that has a USB port and plays avi fine but, the majority of programs are now in MP4 or MKV. Hers doesnt play MP4, I've tried, so I need to find a new DVD player for her that has a USB port and plays MP4 and Avi. MKV support would be a plus but, not necessary. I've seen a media player that looks good and I'd get it but, her partner and his kids use it for DVDs :|. Looking for cheap. Depending on price could upgrade to a Blu-ray player but, again not necessary, just needs to play avi and mp4 via a USB stick and play DVDs at minimum. Any suggestions?
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What make and model number is the one she has now ?
Samsung usually play anything at about £50-£60, Sony the same look in the big supermarkets.
just buy a cheap media player (about £25) and use alongside existing dvd player


I'm not sure on the model number, all I know is it's a Toshiba. I bought it a while ago for her as we needed a DVD player with a USB stick and at the time, it was a good price - £30 and just what we needed.

I was looking at the media player but, lol I know what her partner's like :|. Won't like another electrical item plugged in and will have to be switched off at all times properly and bleh.

I have seen the Samsung/Sony ones but, I'm not wanting to spend that much money, mostly because her partners kids use it as well and the youngest one is 6 and he's already almost broke the current DVD player :|. Think the media player might be the way to go though, as the kids won't know how to use it and well, it'll just have to be plugged in somewhere lol.

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