DVD player with usb video input.

    Hi, I am looking to buy a cheap dvd player that can play divx formats etc. and to play videos through a hard drive connected by usb. If anyone knows where to get one please post a link (if allowed). If not then feel free to PM me.



    [SIZE="2"]Hi DD98,

    I recently bought the Pioneer DV 600 which plays everything except HD and BD. It has a usb input on the front and all I can say is, it's great. However, I should add that it can only interface with my 1GB Kingston memory stick, and not my 120GB Western Digital Hard Drive. This may be down to the Western Digital needing more power, unlike the Kingston. If your stick memory is portable solid state (PSS), it should work fine. But if it is a Hard Drive per se, it may not. Pioneer have a disclaimer regarding USB interface incompatibility.

    The player comes in Silver or Black. It can be bought as Region 2 or multi region.

    Pioneer have another model, the DV 400. It costs sub £100 and is similar, except it does not play SACD and DVD-Audio discs and the Digital Output is via Coaxial only, unlike the DV600, which has both Coaxial and Optical out. I think both have HDMI output and DVD upscale to 1080p.

    The link is to avreview…e=3

    I bought mine from Digital Direct for £130 including P&P. If you type Pioneer DV400 or DV600 into google, you'll get more up-to-date prices.[/SIZE]

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    Thanks for the quick reply windhoek. Just wondering if you can buy these dvd players cheaper. Was hoping to pay £50 at most. All i want is a basic one which can play most formats and has usb for video. I have no need for HDMI etc. Thanks

    [SIZE="2"]I think you could probably get the DV 400 for about £70. You might even get it cheaper on on ebay. As far as I know, this is the only DVD player with a usb input. I've seen a Yamaha AV Reciever with one, but that was priced at £600. If you live near Richer Sounds, they have the black DV600 in stock, so even if you want to see one in person, it might give you an idea what it is like.

    Ps - the picture quality is very good. I watched Dexter (US programme) from my USB and it was fantastic.[/SIZE]

    Thanks for the info windhoek

    I've got a Targa Divx player sitting spare (I built a mediacentre PC to replace it) which can't take a USB HDD, but you can plug Compact Flash and SD cards into it, if that would be any good for you.

    £35 including postage?
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