Hi im trying to put my prison break vob files on dvd, but when i put them in the file says, there is already a vob file, is there any way of adding a lot of these files so i can put it on 1 disc, or can i change the dvd files to avi?


    Avi converter

    Get one off cnet download mostof its free

    Xilisoft isnt too bad

    Have you tried using convertxtodvd?

    I presume you mean each episode's VOB file. The way to do this is to use Shrink. It will allow you to select each file and then as a group combine them all to one dvd.
    You can google Shrink and with a little practise should find it easy enough to use.

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    hi i have convertxtodvd and also dvd shrink
    i tried to use dvd shrink,but does the same as nero.

    Start Nero burning Rom
    Select "Dvd" and "DVD-Video" and click "new"
    Left hand side, make sure the "video_ts" folder is selected.
    Find the folder on your computer that contains your vob files. Select them and drag them into the middle. Then click on burn :thumbsup:

    Are you using the re-author mode to do this?

    This link is for a guide to compiling multiple files onto one dvd.…php

    See if this helps.

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    rep added for everyone, i used converxtodvd, but it took ages, next time il use dvd shrink!cheers for that tute!
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