DVD-R or DVD+R

    Hi i'm after a DVD recorder, but dont know which would be a better buy, DVD-R or DVD+R???? Is there any major differences in the two? I've seen some that are compatible with both formats so why are others not? Any help will be greatly appreciated as i've been a bit slow off the mark with getting one, and now my old VHS is just about knackered.


    I would purchase a player with the hardrive. I myself have the Humax 9200T and can download to computer then to disc If I want to and to my own mind this is more convient than discs

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    I had considered a hard drive player, as most of the things i record are watched within a few days then recorded over anyway. What are the prices like for these now? Anyone know any good deals?

    I'd advise compatibility with both formats...makes life easier .


    we have a dvd recorder with built in hard drive, it will play any type of disc but will only record in dvd-r format

    Most DVD recorders now do both -R and +R so to be honest I'd go for one which does both. If you can afford it, I'd go for one with a HDD that way you can record it and watch it once, if you want to keep it then you can decide to burn to DVD.
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