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Found 29th Aug 2006
I am looking to buy some dvd-r 's i want to use them to back up movies and family movies created through a digi camcorder along with backup's of dvd's i currently have. i will also use them to backup data.
I have had a look at ]svp.co.uk and ]bigpockets.co.uk but there are so many to choose from. i am looking to buy a spindle of about 50.
I purchased 10 proformance dvd-r's which was posted on here a few months ago but i seem to be able to read them fine on my PC that i copied them on, but not on my New laptop.
if anyone can provide any ideas to the best discs at a reasonably cheap price which will get me around the problem i had, then this would be great

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Did you have DVD playback software on your laptop, does your laptop support the DVD format, most new ones do(+/_ and dual).

As for the dvd's once the above problem has been sorted you could have another look on bigpockets for a good deal as they always change.Bye.
Well i didnt use any dvd player, i just used windows media as i usually do, will it most likely work with dvd software? then i will need to get one?
if i am correct on this windows media player 10 does not play back dvds
for some unknown reason

so just get another third party software and ur fine
media player classic does i think!

woot my first input hope it helps!


oh and once again if i am correct taiyo yudens and verbatims are top notch discs, best quality but are pretty expensive

i suppose any disc should be fine but i usually buy ridisc or ritek cheap and superb.

till we meet again!

Download and install VLC media player and try playing the disc with that. VLC player is magic and will play pretty much anything.

The only way I can explain this great software is witchcraft, lol.

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