DVD Reader/Writer

    My internal DVD Reader/Writer has died... which one should I buy?



    Always liked Pioneer dvd writers. Check out as well.


    Always liked Pioneer dvd writers. Check out as well.Johnnypanic

    Same here, I bought the Pioneer DVR-112 from SVP a while back and it's been great. Occasionally it's a bit picky about reading some genuine audio CD's, but on the whole I can't fault it.

    My burn times for a 4.4Gb DVD have dropped from just under an hour with my old Pioneer, to about 14 minutes with the DVR-112!! :thumbsup:

    For £17 it's a no brainer!!…ers

    Original Poster

    thanks everyone, the pioneer is currently out of stock though

    I've bought my last couple for my PC and upgrades to other people's from Play and they've been great, They're anything from about £15-£18 and sometimes have a copy of Nero thrown in. They do tend to send them only in a jiffy-bag, but I've never had a problem with any damage to them.…nre
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