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Found 4th Jan 2006
My local Sainsburys has Alba DVD recorder (1002 and 1001 models)for about £68.00

Does anyone know if either of these models are multi regional, or even if they are any good??

I think the 1002 may be multi regional, but cannot find out much about if it is any good..
Thank you

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Hack for Alba RDVD1002
Open tray, make sure its empty.
close the tray up and press TV/DVDR
press RETURN
now ENTER 8880

A message appears on the screen saying Region Free.

I don't have this recorder so can't comment whether it works or not.
Thank you Kommunist

You make it sound so easy......

Knowing My luck it will end up doing something completely different
Yeah, most players/recorders can be made region free just by typing some key sequence on remote. The problem is to find out what this sequence is!
That VCDHelp website got probably the largest collection of people's comments on various DVD players/recorders. Take a look at it - some comments (as you'd expect) are complete rubbish but most are useful.
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