Found 19th Feb 2007
Hi everyone

Right I have a DVD recorder and have recorded something from a video game and now i want to upload it to a fansite, but when i put the dvd into my pc there is nothing there....

not sure what to do - do i need a decrypter or something similar? and what is a good one/where can i get one from.

cheers, Andy


If you recorded the file on a different DVD player to the one in your PC then it's very likely that the file is saved in a format that your PC's DVD player can't cope with. You need to find out what the file format is, then search the internet for a program that will convert it to a file that you (and ore imprtantly - others) will be able to view (e.g. mpg, wav, etc).

Most likely case is the disc is not finalised...

When you use a DVD Recorder, it does not finalise the disc in case you need to carry on using it.

To make it playable in other machines than the DVD Recorder it was recorded on, you need to finalise it.
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