DVD Recorder Help....techinical

    Right i want to buy a DVD Recorder, but only so I can make game videos and easily put them in places, but is this possible with a DVD recorder and my x box 360/ps2 plugged in to the two scart connections on my tv.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Shouldn't be a problem...

    The only problem you could get is from DVDs played through the Xbox360 if this is attached to a DVD Recorder (Copyright Protection will kick in and cause distortion).

    Just connect the outputs of the consoles into the AUX input of the DVD Recorder, then the DVD Recorder output to the TV.

    Easily done.

    Just a note as well, some DVD Recorders inputs/outputs are linked, so if you want to play the console without having the DVD Recorder powered on, the signal will just pass through and play on the AV channel on the TV.

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    ok thanks for the help mate.
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