dvd recorder i need help pls

    hi there

    i have a video dvd recorder combi
    i bought some dvdr disks and it wont record to them can any1 tell me how you know what sort of disks you need to buy


    What's the model/make of your recorder?

    It could be that it only takes DVD-RAM discs. It should have logos on the front of the player to say whether it takes any of the following : DVD-RAM, DVD-R or DVD+R rewritables.

    Original Poster

    hi there
    its a bush dvd recorder + vcr
    on the front of the dvd draw it says
    would this mean it will only record on the dvd to rewritable disks

    It looks as if it will only record to DVD+R [record once] or DVD+RW [record/erase/record...].

    Are the blank DVD's you have tried -R or -RW?

    Is this the model?

    There should be a DVD[size=6]+[/size] rather than DVD[size=6]-[/size] on the blank discs.

    Original Poster][img][/URL][/img]

    the dvds i bought say DVD-R on them

    Ah... That's definitely the problem then, you need DVD[size=6]+[/size]R or DVD[size=6]+[/size]RW discs.

    It won't record to -R or -RW


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    thanks for your help
    i just didnt want to buy any more disks and find out that they wouldnt work more money down the pan
    do you know what i can use these DVD-R disks for then
    i have a rewrighter on my pc can you use them to put music on.
    thanks again
    this site is just great so glad i found it.

    You're welcome

    If your computer's writer is a DVD+/- ReWriter they should be fine to use on it. If it's only a CD Writer then you won't be able to use them unfortunately. You could always put them in the for sale or trade forum here, if you think it's worth it to you.

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    thanks that great
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