Found 20th Dec 2008
Hello everyone - i have set up my dvd recorder, but i have found that whenever i record something, i cant watch it on my regular dvd player or even ps3. i can only watch it on my dvd recorder. the dvd recorder i have got is a wharfdale 160gb with freeview (DVR160HDF) and the DVD's i am using are DVD+R.

Has anyone got any ideas as to what might be the problem and how i can fix it?




make sure it is finalising the disc, it should be automatic but … make sure it is finalising the disc, it should be automatic but check.finalising means the disc is finished with and no more data will be added to might have another word like finish, complete, end, stop, etc


or use -R/RW if supported

Exactly what Garbage has said were my thoughts too...same as creating a multi session disk on a computer, until finalised they cannot be read on other devices.

We had same issue, it was down to the disc not being finalised

finalizing is a must - but certain players just dont like certain discs

ie. self made recordings as you have made.

I have a LG home theatre - hates copies & my xbox wont play them
but any old £15 player seems to work fine !!

make sure the disc is full up if it automatically finalises you may need to add a few minutes of rubbish

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thanks for that guys, but my next question would then be how do you finish or finalise the disc? Should it give me an option to do that? I can't find it when im looking . . . . . thanks again

Found this digitalspy forums...…347

after recording on disk go to DVD as if you are going to watch it.
use up button, then right button ,scroll down to finalise disk BINGO!!

HTH andprobably other usefulinfo on that thread....

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