DVD Recorder which plays DIVX

    The cheapest I've come up with is Philips DVDR3480 DVD Recorder - £79.97 at Tesco (

    Does anyone know for anything cheaper?



    Hi, Try the below link , prices start at £33.59.…ers

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    Thanks for the reply but the only ones cheaper than the Philips are Umax Yamada and we had one of those before which broke down after a few months! :shock:

    The deal is for my hubby and I've found out more info just in case my OP wasn't clear! :oops:. He needs it to copy films onto DVD which are currently on our Sky+ box to enable him to watch them on a TV in another room - so no hard drive is necessary. As a side issue, he'd like it to play DIVX too.

    Anyone with any recommendations for a good deal on a decent make?

    Thanks. :santa:
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